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MDG Integration for Eclipse and Enterprise Architect bring the best of UML 2.1 to your favorite IDE
MDG Integration brings many of the benefits and rich modeling power of Enterprise Architect and UML 2.1 to Eclipse. Intuitive navigation and editing of the model is provided directly inside the IDE using the EA Project Explorer. At the click of a button, MDG Integration allows you to reverse engineer and generate code from UML elements using EA's template driven Code Engineering Framework. Reporting and documentation is also covered, with high-quality rich text and web-based document generation built-in. With support for MDA transformations, Baseline management and Engineering of key XML based technologies, MDG Integration provides the functionality required of a fully fledged modeling platform right inside Eclipse.

Keep on Track and Share the Vision
By providing developers with access to analysis and design blue-prints directly within the IDE, MDG Integration helps to keep architects, analysts and developers all on the same page. The simple and intuitive interface provided by MDG Integration ensures a minimal learning curve for developers who maybe more comfortable working from the IDE or do not necessarily possess modeling expertise. The model information is concise and easily accessed. A built-in Model Discussion Forum also facilitates communication across the whole project team, allowing peers to collaborate and exchange ideas relating to the model.

The MDG Integration for Eclipse is only available for Professional and Corporate editions of Enterprise Architect. View the System Requirements for the MDG Integration for Eclipse .

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of Enterprise Architect and UML 2.1 into Eclipse

  • Navigate and refine the development model using UML, allowing model and code to become one

  • Generate high quality, template driven, reports in Rich Text and HTML format

  • Share blueprints between analysts, architects and developers

  • Collaborate with team members and improve communication using the built-in model discussion forum

  • Fast-track development with MDA transforms

  • Visualize and model database schema, WSDL and XSD documents

Before downloading the MDG Integration for Eclipse please ensure that the following software is installed on the system:

  • Enterprise Architect 6.5 Professional 800 or later recommended) OR

  • Enterprise Architect 6.5 Corporate 800 or later recommended

  • Eclipse 3.1 or later

  • JDK 1.5 or later




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