Hands-on ICONIX Process Open Enrollment Training - March 11-15, 2013 - Los Angeles CA

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August 6 - 10 - London
December 3 - 7 - Orlando


January 21 - 25 - Seattle
March 11 - 15 - Los Angeles
May 20 - 24 - Washington DC
TBA - Boston

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For more than 15 years, ICONIX Process has described a rigorous, systematic approach for software developers to get from requirements to code and for business analysts to accomplish business process modeling for requirements elicitation and process reengineering. For the last few years, ICONIX has been developing additional process roadmaps for Design Driven Testing, Business Process Modeling, Service Oriented Architecture Development, and Embedded Systems Development. These roadmaps leverage advanced capabilities of Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems.

Our open enrollment workshops provide a series of 1 day course modules which span all of these process roadmaps.

Each student attending the workshops will recieve:


Monday: Business Process Modeling using Structured Scenarios

Students will use Enterprise Architect's "structured scenario editor" to model business processes for a bookstore warehouse, following the "ICONIX Business Modeling Roadmap" as defined in the article "Business Process Modeling with Structured Scenarios"

Tuesday: ICONIX Process: Getting from Use Cases to Code

Students will use Enterprise Architect to model an interactive hotel mapping system, starting from the ICONIX Project Template model, and following "ICONIX Process for Software" roadmap as described in "Use Case Driven Object Modeling, Theory and Practice". Exercise will include a Domain Model, Requirement Model, User Interface Storyboards, Use Cases, Robustness Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, and Class Diagrams.

Wednesday: Design Driven Testing

Students will use Enterprise Architect to generate test cases, test code, and test plans for the interactive hotel mapping system, as described in the book "Design Driven Testing". Exercise will include Unit Tests, Controller Tests, Scenario Tests, and Requirement Tests and will use the Agile/ICONIX Add-In (for unit, controller, and requirement tests) and the Structured Scenario Editor (for scenario tests).

Thursday: Modeling Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

Students will use Enterprise Architect Business and Software Engineering Edition to model a service-oriented Car Rental System, using the ICONIX SOA Project Template, and following the "ICONIX Process for Service Oriented Architecture" roadmap as described in the book "ICONIX Process Roadmaps". Exercise will include BPMN and WSDL modeling, BPEL code generation, and Behavioral Code Generation from Business Rules.

Friday: Embedded Systems Modeling using SysML

Students will use Enterprise Architect Systems Engineering Edition to model a 2-way wristwatch TV in SysML, using the ICONIX SysML Project Template, and following "ICONIX Process for Embedded Systems" roadmap as described in the book "ICONIX Process Roadmaps". Exercise will include: Block Definition Diagrams, Internal Block Diagrams, State Machines, Use Cases, Interaction Diagrams, and Constraint/Parametric Diagrams.


Students may enroll for whichever days they choose at the following price schedule:

1 day: $995
2 days: $795/day
3-5 days: $595/day