"Mastering UML with Rational Rose(tm)"

Volume 3 of A Unified Object Modeling Approach

"A Great Way to Learn the UML Notation!" -- Grady Booch

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Unified Object Modeling with UML

Product Description

This tutorial provides an easy introduction to the Unified Modeling Language, using Rational Rose(tm) to illustrate the new UML notation.

This CD-ROM updates the detailed unified object modeling process tutorials found on the original dual CD-ROM set with a comprehensive discussion of how the original process changes when using the UML notation.

The UML tutorial features a "UML Quick Reference" section, which gives instant access to a full multimedia tutorial on each UML diagramming notation.

The tutorial traces the evolution of the UML from its origins in the original Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson methods through UML 1.0, and provides an easy transition for analysts and designers who are familar with the original techniques into the new notation.

All four of the examples from the original Unified CD have been re-done using Rational Rose(tm) and the UML. The examples are presented in both the original notations and in UML.

Examples include:

· A Hospital Information System
· A Video on Demand System
· A Portfolio Management System
· A Vehicle Navigation (IVHS) System

The UML Quick Reference provides single-click access to narrated video tutorials on every aspect of the UML notation, including stereotypes used to support the Objectory Process-Specific Extensions.

Both static and dynamic object models are explored, extending the discussions from the original Unified tutorial on prototype-drivenmodeling, requirements traceability, and software quality assurance to fully leverage the UML.

In conjunction with Volumes 1 and 2, you'll learn, by example, how to abstract Use Cases and Domain Objects from a GUI prototype, then apply iterative modeling techniques to build detailed static and dynamic object models, using Rational Rose(tm) or other CASE tools.

The four narrated examples take you through all the steps of Unified Object Modeling, in an easy to follow, straightforward, step-by-step approach.


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