ICONIX Multimedia CD-ROM Tutorials

ICONIX provides you with permanent access to the methods covered during the on-site training by supplementing the training courses with tutorial CD-ROMs which can be referenced at anytime by your staff.

Inclusion of ICONIX tutorials on CD-ROM reinforce the on-site training, providing reviewal of numerous basic object-oriented concepts and serve as a reminder to those already experienced in the various OO methods. And, each of our CD-ROMs comes with our money back guarantee!

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Mastering UML with Enterprise Archtect and the ICONIX Process

This is a CD-ROM detailing the company's streamlined approach to UML modeling, using a core subset of fundamentally important diagrams. Designed to get the user from use cases to code quickly and efficiently, the ICONIX Process uses a minimal but sufficient core subset of UML diagrams to help avoid analysis paralysis. Also included on the tutorial are four examples from four different industries using Enterprise Architect which take the viewer through each part of the lifecycle, one step at a time.

Enterprise Archtiect for Power Users

Enterprise Architect for Power Users provides a comprehensive, yet easy to access tutorial on a wide range of advanced capbilities of the Enterprise Architect visual modeling software. Topics include a discussion of how to set up EA in a variety of single and multi-user environments, and strategies to support projects of any size. How to set up EA to store models in a variety of popular version control systems. There's a tutorial on UML 2 that explains what's new with this major new release of the UML standard, which is fully supported in Enterprise Architect. UML 2 topics include ports and interfaces on component diagrams, the addition of Timing diagrams to UML, and much more. There's also information on EA's extensions beyond standard UML, for example, it's powerful built-in requirements tracking capability, as well as EA's powerful Code Engineering framework, which supports Forward and Reverse Engineering of source code, and Model/Code synchronization. EA's Data Modeling capabilities are explained in detail, and the tutorial features over 30 narrated Step-By-Step demonstrations of specific features of the EA software, such as Importing DDL Schema (shown here). EA for Power Users also features numerous live links to the internet, for example a reference on SparxSystems.com to details of EA's Automation Interface.