Complete CORBAtm

TheThree Volume Series

by Doug Rosenberg and Paul Simonsen

These CD-ROMs are a seriesof 3 volumes that provide a comprehensive multimedia referenceon an important distributed computing technology. Throughout theseries, we examine what CORBA (the Common Object Broker Architecture)is, its history, and how it is extended through various services,facilities and domains.

The Complete CORBA series, which can be purchased and viewed ona stand-alone basis or as a complete set, consists of the followingCD-ROMs: Volume One: Introduction to CORBA, Volume Two: BasicCORBA, Volume Three: Advanced CORBA.

Volume One: Introduction to CORBA
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In Volume One, we put CORBAinto perspective by examining the organization that sponsors it(the Object Management Group) and the architecture within whichit fits (the Object Management Architecture). In addition, wegive an overview of the Common Object Request Broker Architectureitself, examining exactly what the technical challenges are thatCORBA seeks to address.

Volume Two: Basic CORBA
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  • The Static Interfaces
  • Stubs -- The Static Invocation
  • The Static Skeleton
  • Interface Definition Language
  • The ORB Interface
  • The Object Adapter
  • The Implementation Repository

In the second CD-ROM, BasicCORBA, we provide you with a closer look at the static interfaces;Interface Definition Language, The ORB Interface, The Object Adapter,and the Implementation Repository. These interfaces representthe minimum set of elements required to make practical use ofCORBA.

Volume Three: Advanced CORBA
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  • Interface Repository
  • The Dynamic Interfaces
  • The Dynamic Invocation Interface
  • The Dynamic Skeleton Interface
  • ORB Interoperability

In the third volume, AdvancedCORBA, we discuss the more advanced CORBA topics, including theInterface Repository, the Dynamic Interfaces and ORB Interoperability.These elements add a great deal of useful flexibility to CORBA.However, with flexibility comes the price of added complexity--whichis why we've elected to devote an entirely separate CR-ROM tothese topics.

*CORBAis a trademark of The Object Management Group, Inc. in the U.S.and other countries.

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