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ECommerce for Java

Course Overview

ECommerce with Java is a two course series exploring the state of the art technology for performing electronic commerce on the Internet using Java. This course examines the basic fundamentals of electronic commerce and looks at the challenges facing this emerging technology. The course goes on to examine how these challenges are addressed by the Java programming language. Students in this course examine and implement some of the basic tools for security in Java, such as the Java SecurityManager. The Java Cryptography Extension is studied as a means to send secure messages between ecommerce applications.

This course looks at the role of signed applets on the Web, and students are given the chance to write their own signed applets. The recently released Java Wallet, explored at length in this course, is one of the most advanced technologies for conducting electronic commerce in Java. Students configure their own Java Wallet, define financial instruments in the wallet, and conduct financial transactions. Students use Commerce JavaBeans to interact with the Java Commerce Client. Oracle's Java Wallet is compared with Sun's reference implementation. Hands on exercises in Java are presented for all of these technologies.

Who Should Attend?

Software developers, designers, managers, and architects interested in a hands-on exploration of electronic commerce technology in Java.

What to Expect

Expect an interactive course structured into several modules and delivered to suit customer requirements. All modules have a strong practical component, which enables each attendee to learn from hands-on experience and from other attendees while working alone or in small teams. Delegates will also receive a full copy of supporting notes, designed to complement the instruction and workshops. This course is approximately 65% hands-on programming/lab work and 35% lecture.

ECommerce for Java - Developing Secure Transactions

Course Topics

ECommerce for Java Foundation Course (3 days)

What's Electronic Commerce?

Elements of Security

Using the Java Cryptography Extension

Creating a Trusted Applet

The Java Wallet Architecture

Java Commerce Client

Commerce JavaBeans

ECommerce with Oracle Application Server

Oracle Java Wallet

Hands-on Exercises


Advanced ECommerce for Java Advanced Course (2 days)

This is an advanced course to complement the Ecommerce for Java 3 day.


Creating a Web application server




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