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July 27, 1994

ICONIX PowerTools(tm) Compatible with Apple's MAE

SANTA MONICA, California...ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. makers of ICONIX PowerTools(tm), a suite of integrated, multi-user Object-Oriented CASE tools, has launched a new promotion which gives away a free copy of the new Macintosh Application Environment (MAE) from Apple Computer (a $549 value) with every purchase of a bundle of 6 or more ICONIX PowerTools(tm) (an ICONIX PowerPack(tm)). Apple's new Macintosh emulator for Unix, the MAE enables developers using Unix to run the complete line of ICONIX PowerTools(tm) on both Sun and HP Unix workstations. Users will also be able access all other Macintosh applicatons, giving them access to a wide range of applications previously unavailable to them.

The promotion, which is scheduled to run through the end of September, is targeted at Unix users who are looking for quality, reasonably priced CASE tools for their next project. ICONIX president Doug Rosenberg describes the advantages of using ICONIX PowerTools(tm) on Unix workstations: "You get all the performance and functionality of Unix CASE tools, but without the high Unix prices. A single PowerTools module sells for $1,495, less than the average cost for comparable tools for Unix."

Mr. Rosenberg predicts the promotion will spark a lot of interest among developers in the Unix market: "By including a free copy of MAE with a set of ICONIX PowerTools, Unix developers will find it hard to resist buying ICONIX PowerTools. Not only do our tools perform better than much of the competition, but they are considerably less costly. Add to this the benefit of the intuitive Macintosh look and feel while at the same time maintaining the underlying RISC workstation performance capabilities and superior application compatibility and the combination is irresistible."

ICONIX PowerTools CASE modules include: ObjectModeler(tm) which supports O-O Analysis and Design with five graphical editors for the methods of Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Coad/Yourdon, and Booch, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors for O-O Programming in C++, Smalltalk and other languages, template development, and pseudocode design; FastTask(tm), which provides real-time support in the form of state transition diagrams (STDs) and their equivalent matrix representations, supports Object-Oriented Analysis and Design through the use of Jacobson State Transition Diagrams and Object Interaction Diagrams, and includes a multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors; PowerPDL(tm), a tool that supports detailed algorithm design using pseudocode and automatically generates design documentation; AdaFlow(tm), which supports Buhr and Booch graphical design, dictionary, and language sensitive editors; DataModeler(tm), a tool that supports entity relationship diagraming in three notations, Information Engineering (Martin), Extended ERA (Chen), and IDEF1X, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors for SQL and Cobol; FreeFlow(tm), an structured analysis tool that supports functional decomposition techniques for requirements analysis through data and control flow diagrams (DFDs and CFDs), minispecs, and multi-user dictionary; QuickChart(tm), a structured design tool with Yourdon structure chart graphical editor, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors; SmartChart(tm), a tool which automatically draws and labels structure charts with PowerPDL and process hierarchy charts with FreeFlow and which contains language sensitive editors for a wide variety of languages; ASCII Bridge(tm), which enables PowerTools repository information to be merged, imported, and exported in ASCII or CDIF format and provides an Interleaf interface; and CoCoPro(tm), a software cost and schedule estimation tool based on Boehm's Constructive Cost Model.

Various configurations of PowerTools are used to support requirements analysis, design, coding, test, and maintenance in a wide range of modern methodologies; structured, real-time, data-driven, hybrid object-oriented, and fully object-oriented. They support the development of real-time applications or information systems for both single CPU and for cooperative processing architectures. All ten modules are System 6, System 7, and A/UX compatible on Macintosh computers, and are now compatible with MAE, as well as Liken, on Sun and HP UNIX workstations.

ICONIX PowerTools, FreeFlow, FastTask, DataModeler, ObjectModeler, QuickChart, AdaFlow, PowerPDL, SmartChart, ASCII Bridge, and CoCoPro are trademarks of ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc.

For further information, contact Alyse Rome, Director of New Media Marketing & Communications at: ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. 2800 28th St. Suite 320, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Phone: (310) 458-0092, Fax: (310) 396-3454, Email: marketing@iconixsw.com; WWW: http://www.iconixsw.com/

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