November, 1995

ICONIX PowerTools(tm) Now Available for PC

ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of their CASE tools for the PC platform. Previously available for Unix and Macintosh platforms, ICONIX has now extended the availability of their suite of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design tools to include: DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, OS/2, NextStep, and Linux.

In a statement regarding the availability of ICONIX CASE tools for the PC platform, Doug Rosenberg, president of ICONIX, had the following comments,

"While we have always felt market pressure to make our software available on the PC platform, we felt it was more important to get it right on one platform before focusing on portability. Rather than release a half-baked product for the PC, we insisted on a full feature set and a common data format across all platforms. And, since our software is the same on all platforms, we charge a single price no matter which platform our customers choose.

With the addition of DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS/2, Nextstep, and Linux to UNIX (Sun, HP, SGI, RS6000, Alpha) and Macintosh, we have achieved perhaps the broadest platform coverage in the industry. When you combine that with our 11 year history of product innovations, including support for a wide range of O-O methods supported by a powerful, multi-user dictionary which handles Requirements Traceability and other Software Quality Assurance enhancements, C++ code generation and a wealth of other features, we feel we've got a winning combination."

The line of ICONIX PowerToolsx supports four of the popular Object-Oriented methodologies, including Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Booch and Coad/Yourdon; it also features C++ code generation. As an added enhancement to its suite of tools, ICONIX offers extensive SQA information, including Requirements, Test Cases, Bug Reports, and Change Requests, all tightly integrated with the models.

The line of tools is a CASE package that offers full life-cycle support for software development. PowerTools is an integrated set of Object-Oriented CASE tools supporting the major phases of the system development life cycle including analysis, design, coding and the management of complex systems. Methodologies include Hybrid Object-Oriented and Fully Object-Oriented, Data-Driven, Structured and Real-Time.

Consisting of ten modules that can be used as either stand-alone or combined to form a custom, integrated development environment, the suite of tools includes: ObjectModeler, FastTask, PowerPDL, AdaFlow, DataModeler, FreeFlow, QuickChart, SmartChart, ASCII Bridge, and CoCoPro.

PowerTools' ten modules encourage analysts to use object-oriented, structured, and information-engineering approaches for software development. PowerToolsx allow real-time problems to be partitioned into smaller pieces and then modelled by creating a graphic representation of tasks, flows, processes, states, events, and actions. The tools communicate with each other through shared data and a common user interface. PowerTools allows data sharing with external word processors, project management software, and existing customer databases. ICONIX PowerTools tool suites support DeMarco structured analysis with real-time extensions, and both structured design (SD) and object-oriented design (OOD).

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