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February, 1994

ICONIX PowerTools Sports New SQA Enhancements

SANTA MONICA, California...ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc., a leading maker of quality integrated, multi-user CASE tools, PowerTools(tm), has announced major enhancements for Software Quality Assurance across the ICONIX PowerTools(tm) product line.

The announced enhancements include an ability to link test cases, software discrepancy reports and software change requests into elements of the CASE model. These enhancements complement the existing Integrated Requirements Traceability feature, further extending the scope of ICONIX PowerTools(tm) from Analysis and Design into Quality Assurance testing and product management.

"These newest enhancements to PowerTools(tm) give ICONIX yet another edge over our competitors," states company president, Doug Rosenberg. "Only ICONIX PowerTools(tm) provides hypertext links between requirements, analysis and design models, source code, test cases, problem reports and change requests. As our customers move towards implementing quality standards like ISO-9000, many have been looking for enhancements such as these which extend the usefulness of CASE modeling even deeper into the development lifecycle," he adds.

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