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March, 1995

ICONIX Offers UNIX Users Free PowerTools(tm) Demo via Internet

SANTA MONICA, California...ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. announced that demonstration versions of their ObjectModeler(tm), FastTask(tm), DataModeler(tm), QuickChart(tm) and AdaFlow(tm) CASE software products are now available for download via FTP on the Internet.

With their suite of 10 fully-integrated, multi-user analysis and design tools, ICONIX PowerTools(tm), ICONIX brings a unique blend of low cost, high performance, full functionality and ease of use to the UNIX CASE market. Previously available only in the Macintosh environment, ICONIX frees UNIX users from having to pay a premium in price, performance, or ease of use, while offering a native MOTIF interface for Sun, HP, and Silicon Graphics workstations.

Known throughout the industry for its strength in Object-Oriented Methods, ICONIX PowerTools(tm) feature complete support for Rumbaugh OMT, Booch OOD, Jacobson Objectory and Coad/Yourdon OOA. All PowerTools modules are fully multi-user and feature tightly integrated Requirements Traceability, Test Cases, Bug Reports and Change Requests.

ObjectModeler(tm) supports O-O Analysis and Design with five graphical editors for the methods of Jacobson, Rumbaugh, Coad/Yourdon, and Booch, including Smalltalk and other languages, template development, and pseudocode design; FastTask(tm) provides real-time support in the form of state transition diagrams (STDs) and their equivalent matrix representations, Jacobson Interaction Diagrams, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors; DataModeler(tm) is a tool that supports entity relationship diagraming in three notations, Information Engineering (Martin), Extended ERA (Chen), and IDEF1X, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors for SQL and Cobol; QuickChart(tm) is a structured design tool with Yourdon structure chart graphical editor, multi-user dictionary, and language sensitive editors; AdaFlow(tm) supports Buhr and Booch graphical design, dictionary, and language sensitive editors.

Demonstration versions are available free of charge via the Internet. For instructions on how to FTP the demonstration versions, send a request via email.

For further information, contact Alyse Rome, Director of New Media Marketing & Communications at: ICONIX Software Engineering, Inc. 2800 28th St. Suite 320, Santa Monica, CA 90405. Phone: (310) 458-0092, Fax: (310) 396-3454, Email: marketing@iconixsw.com; WWW: http://www.iconixsw.com/

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