November, 1995

A Unified Object Modeling Approach Integrating the Approaches of Jacobson, Rumbaugh and Booch


The current trend in O-O methodologies (sometimes known as second generation O-O methods) has been towards combining the best aspects of today's most popular methods. Recent industry events have brought Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson together in an attempt to unify their modeling approaches. This 2 CD-ROM set provides a formalized, step-by-step approach towards combining the best aspects of Jacobson's, Rumbaugh's and Booch's methods using already published notations, and makes use of interactive multimedia techniques to walk through several examples in detail.

Each method is explained in detail at the beginning of the tutorial, with narrated demonstrations. The approach is similar to that taken in the "Object Methodology Overview" CD-ROM, but with considerably more detail (expanded tutorial) on each of the three methods. In particular, the strengths of each method will be stressed -- Jacobson for user-driven requirements and traceability across the lifecycle, Rumbaugh for domain analysis and reuse of classes across multiple projects, and Booch for detailed C++ design. Prototyping is stressed as a requirements definition technique, with extensive explanation of how to derive Use Case and Domain Object Models from the prototypes.

The second CD-ROM focuses on where and when to apply which methods over the lifecycle of a project, on allocation and traceability of requirements across the different lifecycle phases and techniques, and on how the combination of these methods can support an software quality management approach such as ISO-9000.

Several tutorial examples will be presented which are relevant to state-of-the-art systems being implemented today, including:

A key feature of this tutorial is the linkage between tutorial slides and the corresponding portion of the examples. The power of interactive multimedia is leveraged to allow students to learn, by example, at their own pace.

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