Get A Free Copy of Rose 98 for Power Users

ICONIX is pleased to offer Rational Rose customers the opportunity to reserve a free copy of our upcoming "Rose 98 for Power Users" multimedia tutorial.

Designed to help Rational Rose users to get maximum leverage out of the new Rose 98 software, the CD-ROM will allow those who use Rose 98 to work more quickly and efficiently. The tutorial will feature tips and techniques for making Rose 98 work optimally, using a variety of techniques, including numerous narrated screen movies, "talking-head" video tutorials, a collection of useful utility scripts which extend the functionality of Rose 98, and custom icons to support the UML/Objectory "robustness analysis" business modeling stereotypes.

In order to qualify for the free "Rose 98" CD, simply order a copy of the 3 volume "Unified Object Modeling Approach" tutorial from our secure server before May 1, 1998. The Unified tutorial includes the popular "Mastering UML with Rational Rose" CD-ROM along with over a gigabyte of detailed information on how to build use-case driven object models using an integrated Booch/Rumbaugh/Jacobson approach.

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Unified Object Modeling with UML

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