ICONIX PowerTools U.S. Price List

ObjectModeler(tm) - Rumbaugh, Coad/Yourdon, Booch, Jacobson, Dictionary, Booch Template, C++, Smalltalk, LSE

FastTask(tm) -State Transition Diagrams, State Tables/Matrices, Jacobson State Graphs, Dictionary, LSE

DataModeler(tm) - ERDs (Martin, Chen, and IDEF1X), Dictionary, SQL, COBOL, LSE

FreeFlow(tm) - DeMarco/Hatley Analysis (DFDs, CFDs, Dictionary, Minispecs, Consistency Checking)

PowerPDL(tm) - Pseudocode Processor, Document Generator

AdaFlow(tm) - Buhr/Booch Design and Module Architecture Design, Dictionary, LSE for Ada and C++

QuickChart(tm) - Yourdon Constantine Structure Charts (with Page-Jones Extensions), Dictionary, LSE

SmartChart(tm) - Automatic Structure Chart Generation and Process Hierarchy Charts with FreeFlow, LSE

ASCII Bridge(tm) - ASCII Import/Export, Dictionary Merge

CoCoPro(tm) - Boehm's Constructive Cost Model Technique for estimating costs of software projects


  • Individual Modules - Choose any one ICONIX module $1,495

  • PowerPack/6 - Choose any 6 distinct ICONIX modules $5,995

  • PowerPack/8 - Choose any 8 distinct ICONIX modules $6,995

  • PowerPack/10 - Choose all 10 ICONIX modules $7,995

  • Object-Oriented Starter Kit - Includes O-O Methods training CD-ROM, 2 OOA/D tools: ObjectModeler & FastTask, and 1 year upgrade service $3,495

  • Object-Oriented Advanced Kit - The OO Starter kit plus The Unified Modeling Approach CD's $3,995

  • Upgrade Service - 1 year of product upgrades 15% or 5 years of product upgrades 50%

  • Mastering UML with Rational Rose - Provides an easy introduction to the Unified Modeling Language, using Rational Rose(tm) to illustrate the new UML notation.

  • Unified Object Modeling CD-ROM - Fully interactive Unified Object Modeling training course on CD-ROM $995. Includes a free copy of Mastering UML with Rational Rose

  • O-O Methods CD-ROM - Fully interactive Object-Oriented Methods training course on CD-ROM $495

  • On-Site Training/Consulting - Please see our Training & Consulting Pages for detailed pricing!

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