New "more agile" version of Agile/ICONIX add-in available!

ICONIX is pleased to announce the availability of a beta version of the latest Agile/ICONIX Add-in.

Download Installer

There are 3 notable new capabilities of the new add-in:

  1. Support for "DDT/Systems" - Design Driven Testing for SysML models, including automatic generation of interface tests from SysML IBDs, and automatic generation of state machine testing, including Trigger/Do/Entry/Exit behaviors.
  2. "More agile" automatic test case generation from class operations. Agilists will like this one, because it's now possible to reverse enginner your as-built code, and autogenerate a complete set of JUnit test stubs.
  3. Inclusion of the "ICONIX Technology" which includes process roadmaps and project templates for use case driven projects using UML, embedded systems projects using SysML, Business Process Modeling using Structured Scenarios, and Service-Oriented Architecture projects.

Betatesters of the new add-in are invited to send us feedback at

Agile Development with ICONIX Process demonstrates how to apply the ICONIX Process in an agile software project. It's full of practical advice on how to avoid common agile pitfalls. The book defines a core agile subset – so those of you who want to “get agile” need not spend years learning to do it.

ICONIX is proud to be a reseller of Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems, and MagicDraw from NoMagic.

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